Mariana On A Clear Day Collection Swarovski Crystal Flower Silver Bracelet B-4138 001

This beautiful bracelet is from the Mariana On a Clear Day Collection and is made with the beauty of flowers in mind. This piece is composed of all genuine Swarovski crystal clear stones. Many of the stones have just a touch of reflective rainbow in the correct light. There are also Opalescent white crystals throughout the piece. There are 9 large beautiful crystals clusters in several flower designs each measuring 5/8''. The bracelet is made of a thick nickel free plated silver. This product is unique and handcrafted, as such each piece may vary slightly in design. 

Every piece of Mariana jewelry is hand crafted with SWAROVSKI crystals and is designed with love, warmth, and spiritual harmony. Mariana pieces are pieced together in Israel with nickel free silver or gold plating and a lifetime guarantee.

ABOUT MARIANA - The artist and jewelry designer Mariana has been creating unique and original pieces of jewelry since 1997. Mariana's jewelry is famous allover the world. Her naive colorfulness and her flawless interfusion between old and new, fabric and stone, material and spirit is visible in every one of her jewels. It is the foundation; the heart and the core of her creation.Mariana's jewelry, influenced by natural elements, is designed to spiritually uplift the wearer with good energy.

We typically stock only a few of each style, but always offer more information regarding the Mariana Spirit of Design Jewelry line via email or phone! || 417-882-4438

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